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Rosewater, Park Slope – Do’s and Dont’s


Go to Rosewater:

  • For dinner;
  • For the entrees. Florent’s roast chicken with fingerling potatoes, cipollini onions and watercress ($21) was the highlight: very moist chicken, and I liked the crispiness and bitterness of watercress, balancing the overall sweetness of the dish. My sauteed fluke with trumpet royale mushroom, baby bok ckoy, beluga lentils, meyer lemon aoli ($23) was also very good. Fluke cooked to – almost – perfection (but I am a perfectionist); I liked the sauce a lot – although would not call it an aioli (but that’s because my father was the only one to make aioli).  Our friend’s lightly smoked duck breast, poached rhubarb, grilled ramps, arugula, blood orange ($25) was, according to him, good although he could not quite taste the rhubarb. Which is a shame, I will agree. I stayed clear from his dish because of the ramps. I am traumatized;
  • If you like chicken (see above);
  • If you like desserts. Especially the caramelized brioche. So on the comfort side of food;
  • If you like brioche (see above);
  • For the ingredients, in general. It is particularly nice to see a chef paying so much attention to freshness and taste;
  • For the service: they offered us our deserts because we waited so long;
  • If you like free desserts (see above);
  • If you are only slightly mildly hurt by the nasty rampant recession. Bill was $174 with tips (there were 4 of us and I am a good tipper). Included a nice $43 Hautes-Cotes de Beaune, Domaine Rollin 2006. So more on the high end of the scale for Park Slope.

Don’t go to Rosewater:

  • For brunch – unless you have the appetite of a bird (so not my case);
  • If you are in a hurry. We got there at 7 on a Sunday night (without reservation) and left the table at 10:30. Got seated at 7:30. Had almost finished our bottle when the entrees got there;
  • If you have not reserved (see above);
  • If you are in a hurry and want to eat duck breast (they told us the bird was responsible for the wait);
  • If you are broke (see above);

Thank you.

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Fabrice is Coming to Town

Root Hill Cafe

Root Hill Cafe

(In case you haven’t heard).
(and pending he is actually allowed to enter swine-flu territory)
(and is not afraid to do it).

Fabrice is a good friend of my husband – a very good friend, even. The kind of friend who Florent is so much looking forward to seeing that each time we go to a nice place (or rather, the kind of place Fabrice would like), I get the usual:

Oh dis donc, on devrait y retourner avec Fabrice, je suis sur qu’il adorerait. (Let’s come back here when Fabrice is here, I am sure he’d love it).

So Fabrice: for you to be able to overcome your fear of the flu (and I know that your are scared), here is a list of the places we will go back to – with you.

For petit-dejeuner en semaine, we will go to Root Hill. I love their coffee, really. Nice stop on your way to the subway before hitting the streets of Manhattan. Just avoid to go there around 3pm on a school day – the place transforms into a huge day care. Perturbing.

For brunch on week-end, I actually have two places. One if you don’t mind waiting (no reservation):  Cheryl’s .  Just

Al Di La Trattoria

Al Di La Trattoria

a really simple, warm tiny place full of love. Great pancakes (some of my favorite pancakes ever actually). Ideal to make you feel better before the first symptoms of the swine flu kick in. Get fresh is for when you convalesce: everything is organic and fresh and good (merveilleux Park Slope).

For lunch/showing off the mac you will have just bought at the apple store, we will go to ‘sNice (Park Slope, on 5th avenue, corner with 3rd street). Nice music, nice vibe.

For dinner – oh la la, so many places. Italian: al di la (and now they also have a wine bar – better for the 45-min wait) – applewood if we want to get fancy to celebrate that we are still alive. For old time sake, Beast in Prospect Heights. Can’t believe I forgot this place (went there two years ago, right after I arrived in NYC). Spanish Tapas. Delicious.

For binge drinking – after all, we might all be dead very soon so what the hell. Well, there’s the beer garden across the street (and if we’re lucky – i.e. if everybody else is home with the flu – we might be able to find a seat outside). And of course Union Hall – just to show all these Americans how to play Petanque.

And Alex, I know you are even more scared than Fabrice to come (and I am not sure I want you either after all. With all the trips you make to Asia I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d brought us a nasty form of H5N1 H1N1). But in any cases, rest assured, we’ll have a little something ready for you too.

Union Hall

Union Hall

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