Bacon, Bacon, Bacon

IMG_0381Did you notice how PORK was on everybody’s mind these days? Well, unless you leave in a cave, you should have. What with the swine flu, pork cheeks, pork butts, Little Giant’s Swine of the week, Park Slope Pork-Off, not to forget my Pork Shoulder of course, David Chang’s love affair with pork. Et j’en passe.

I have to say that this is actually to my liking. I love Pork. For many reasons:

  • it is cheap
  • it reminds me of my father (the venerable man was infatuated with pork, especially pork chops)
  • it is versatile
  • and it is cheap
  • also my mother (who grew up in a farm) told me that pigs were very nice pets and she would always have a pig following her around all day long (that is, before the poor animal was slaughtered).

And, like a lot of people, one of my favorite cuts is BACON. Why? Well, for the afore-mentioned reasons. The good thing about bacon is that it is a cheap and a quick way to give that soup this smokey flavor it lacked. Or to turn regular pates au fromage (the French version of the Mac&Cheese) into some sort of carbonara.

One of the problems I faced when I emigrated here though, was that bacon was not cut to my taste. Or rather, packages were so huge I was always afraid bacon would go bad. And I hate to throw food away. So I found my own little trick: I freeze it, and slice it while it’s still frozen (this way I can put the rests back in the freezer). See the picture: it’s cool, he? OK, I guess that doesn’t really work when you want your slices of bacon for breakfast. But I don’t usually do this. It’s not in my culture.

So what do I do with bacon? Pretty much everything:

  • Soups: I always add a little bacon in my soups – to give it that extra flavor of meat, fat & smoke. Granted, it is not as good as throwing the bone from the roast, but it’s pretty close. (I have the most joyful memory of a soup made by my then-best-friend’s-mother when I was a kid in the Lot (merveilleux Lot, country of melons and asparagus), cooked in the antic fireplace (and, no, I swear, I am not making this up) where she threw the rests of the night before’s roti. That was memorable. It could also be nice to add a little bacon to your chicken stock (because yes, you HAVE to make your chicken stock yourself, no excuse).
  • Add bacon to your pasta – to turn it either in carbonara (see for example my Baby Spinach Carbonara), or to your Bolognese sauce.
  • And of course, bacon is good with eggs. Very good even. Particularly in Quiche Lorraine I must say. Or any form of quiche you may think of.

Last but not least: I would advise AGAINST buying the cheapest bacon you could find. You know I am cheap. So I tried. But it was gross, let me tell you. I could barely find the bacon once I had sautee it. So please buy the good stuff. Also, when I sautee bacon (especially for Quiche Lorraine), I usually get rid of the fat before adding any other ingredients.


11 responses to “Bacon, Bacon, Bacon

  1. I too have a soft spot for bacon. It is so versatile and can add such depth and flavor to many dishes. Although, I must admit after two weeks in Ireland this past fall and eating bacon almost every day with breakfast – it is hard to find one here that even comes close. I can only imagine how hard if you had lived somewhere else your entire life!

  2. There was a blog with the name ‘Royal Bacon Society’, and I joined. I am committed to use it in many dishes, as it does give things more depth…

    Kristen is right, I was spoiled to with the English breakfast my entire trip! Can’t seem to duplicate that memory 🙂

  3. You had me at the first mention of bacon. It makes the world go round in my book!

  4. We cannot shun bacon…no matter how many bouts of swine flu appear! Thanks for making sure everyone knows it is delicious and versatile. 🙂

  5. MMMMMM, bacon – it seriously makes everything better!

  6. Yay, bacon post! I always have at least 2 packs, one in the fridge, and one “emergency bacon” in the freezer. I even save bacon fat to cook with sometimes. Can’t live without it.

  7. Nothing wrong with bacon. I’m working on a caramelized onion and bacon dip that I will be posting soon. Like they say, “fat is flavor.”

  8. Well, and there is always chocolate bacon? best, s

  9. LOL! I’m logged in on my WordPress account, which isn’t my food blog. Oh well. My food blog is at

    Most of my family is from the Midwest, so, yes, we must have our pork . . . chops, loin, bacon, ham, etc. Mmm. Bacon.

    — Sock Monkey

  10. Can’t go wrong with BACON. 🙂 The best bacon I had was definitely in the Mid West, Chicago to be specific.

  11. I love certain bacons that one there looks really good..I can think of a few things to do with it 🙂 xx Rico|Recipes

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