Booking a Table at Momofuku Ko? Check

Yehaaaaaaaaaa! I got in. And here is the proof :

Monday, May 11, 10:01 am

Monday, May 11, 10:01 am

See the green check at 9:30 pm? That’s me – At Ko – Sunday, May 17, 9:30pm.
OK – because I am an honest gal – I’ll have to tell you that I did not pursue and confirm the reservation: 9:3opm  is usually the time I go to bed on a Sunday (well – not really, but am in my pajamas). But now that I know I can do it – will do it again, and again and again, for when Fabrice is in town.


6 responses to “Booking a Table at Momofuku Ko? Check

  1. Congratulations.

    You’ll have to tell us how things go. I haven’t been back to Ko since it first opened — from what I hear, a few of the usual standbys (i.e., English muffin with pork fat/pork rind/chicken skin, torchon of shaved foie gras with lychees and riesling gelee) are on the current menu as well as lots of new additions.

    The fact that no photography is allowed at present time is something to consider as well.

    • Thanks! Will definitely let you know. No pictures? Why am I not surprised…Well I guess I’ll just have to draw then…Not to worry – I draw as well as I sing & dance.

  2. bah alors? bon apparemment on peut pas y aller à 3

  3. yep – va falloir te trouver une date. No worries, I’m on it.

  4. Oh my god, thats awesome. I know how hard it is to get in there. I hope you are going to blog all about it!

  5. I will, for sure (although you’ll have to forgive the lack of pictures….)

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