Parsley mon amour

In an ideal world, I would select all the recipes I want to make during the week, and build my shopping list based on these choices, and then go shopping. Well, thing is, I am pretty lazy . And I usually think of what I am going to cook AFTER I go to the grocery store. And of course I can’t be bothered to go back to the grocery store. (Although I am planning on using some day and see if that helps)

img_0230How can I even cook – let alone cook good stuff if I don’t shop accordingly ? Well, that’s – among other things – because I heavily rely on my must haves, some key ingredients which I would add to almost every single dish – and couldn’t cook without.

First of: Parsley. Granted, I haven’t posted a lot of recipes yet, but I am pretty sure parsley is almost in all of them. I always use flat leaves parsley. Never could understand why you would use the curly kind –  it’s gross.  Parsley goes pratically everywhere:

  • Salads & salad dressing : I usually add Parsley to almost every salad dressing I make. Also, it is a good replacement in case Spring comes in, you have tomatoes, goat cheese/mozzarella (di buffala, please) or feta cheese, some black olives, lemon. But hey, you don’t have basil. Well, use parsley instead. Or, you have these great avocados, so ready to be transformed into a nice tasty guacamole but hey, no cilantro. Well Parsley will do the trick. Why not, you would ask, use basil in a tomato-mozarella salad and cilantro in a guacamole? Don’t get me wrong, I love basil & I love cilantro. But I remember so many occasions where I would buy this big, great bunch of basil…and end up throwing half of it because it went bad. Mind you, what about doing a pesto with this? And you would be right – could be the topic of another post.
  • I have the nicest childhood memories of poelee de cepes in the Fall. OK, might be difficult to find cepes here (and ridiculously expensive) but sauteed mushrooms with parsley and garlic is always a delish. If you want to make it into an omelet that’s good too. And you can even throw in a little bacon if you wish (bacon is another must-have-of-mine).
  • Oh – and what about fresh green beans with crushed garlic, olive oil (or butter) with parsley? Or green peas for that matter.
  • I also love to add parsley to my pasta (see my Baby Spinach carbonara recipe for example).

Anyway, you get the point. I find it difficult to find an aromatic herb easier to use than parsley. Not that parsley should be the only herb in your fridge. But still, it’s a pretty good one to have.

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One response to “Parsley mon amour

  1. After reading your post, I just added parsley to my shopping list.
    Thank you Oeufs Mayo!

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