Restaurants I Want to Go Back To

One of the perks of living in NYC  (compared to say – Boise, Idaho) is that your friends and family from back home tend to visit quite often. And for some reasons, they tend to all come when spring comes, so around now .

And of course it is always nice to have family around, that 3rd degree cousin on your father’s side whom you barely know when you lived in Paris but somehow grew extremely interested in your – somewhat uncertain – future in NYC. OR – your partner’s old friend from kindergarten who desperately needed to get in touch with him/her and a sofa to crash while in NYC.

And of course, with all these visitors, an unemployed housewife has to entertain. Thing is, sometime the said housewife does not want to entertain. And she doesn’t want to spend hours to find THE new restaurant to bring and, most importantly, having guests over means that you can indulge yourslef  in these restaurants you wouldn’t go with your NY friends anymore because, well, you’ve already been there.

This is actually a bone of contention between my partner and I : not long ago, we had a dinner with some very nice cousins of his (my partner has a very large family). And, being an unemployed housewife, I was in charge of looking for a restaurant. Turns out I was in the mood for a good burger (and the nice thing about tourists is that they are always in the mood for a good burger). And for me good burger in the city=BLT burger. Ok, I am sure my friend Emily (who could – and should – write a whole blog on burgers in NYC) would have something to say about it. And I am sure you could find a better, juicier, cheaper burger.
But BLT Burger is cozy, trendy enough to satisfy my boboitude (and my snobby Parisian friends). And the burgers are good: good meat, rare when you ask for it, crispy bacon. Fries are good too (they have different kinds but I tend to stick to the regular french fries).

Mais voilà, my partner wanted a NEW restaurant and suggested GOOD restaurant (criteria being, not far from Philipps de Pury, CHEAP, American food). D’accord d’accord I go (am a flexible gal). Also, it was a critick’s pick in New York Mag and the two reviews I saw were very promising. So here we are at GOOD. Florent orders the House-Smoked BBQ Pulled Pork, with crisp polenta and creamy cucumber (sounded promising I thought); Rachel a chicken sausage with cabbage and white beans; Lucy a burger and Fred and I the GOOD burger with pulled pork ; mozzarella; beef and caramelized onions. And I know what you are thinking: why – on earth – would you choose something like that? Burgers are supposed to be simple (that’s Emily whispering to my ears).  A nice, soft bun, a little bit brioche on the edge and slightly sweet if you want; a rare lean patty (juicy juste comme il faut) . And I am biased towards crispy bacon and cheddar cheese.

And guess what: Emily is right; stay clear from these sophisticated patties. Or for that matter, from Good restaurant . Our burgers were dry; the pulled pork was ok but dry too (which sounds like an heresy to me) there seemed to be some kind of cheese in between the beef and pulled pork layer but I wouldn’t call it mozzarella. I did like the buns though. French fries were not salty enough; Florent’s polenta’s thingy looked like a dried out polenta pancake. I feel bad that my second post is about a restaurant I did not like; but to be fair I really was taken aback by the two raving reviews in NYMag. Alors maybe it ‘s only because we went at a bad time; the chef was trying out pulled pork because it is soo comforting in recession times.

Hence my resolutions:
– keep to simple burger;
– bring your out-of-towners to: Katz; BLT burger; and BLT Fish Shack; Bonnie’s Grill (for the Park Slopers) and John’s Pizzeria

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6 responses to “Restaurants I Want to Go Back To

  1. the problem with your blog is reading it at 11:00am, because now I’m hungry and craving a burger. Not so sure it’s a good way to start the week…

  2. Check out – great article in the New York Times on NYC’s burger scene – just in case you are not hungry enough

  3. well… don’t forget Five Guys Burgers, very degenerated!

  4. love the new layout!
    can’t wait to see more pictures on your blog.
    Keep the good work

  5. Love your blog – it really makes me miss NY! I moved to Berkeley from Carroll Gardens a few months ago, so it’s great to read about Park Slope.

  6. Thanx Allison! Glad you like my blog! Having brunch at get fresh now. You should try it next time you come back: so Park Splopy (everything fresh & organic), mellow and nice terrace in the back. And, they have the best bread basket ever.

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